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Money Bibliography

Top names: Zelizer Grubb Goldberg Hart Mauer Innes Wray Goodhart Stearns B├ítiz-Lazo Luther White Selgin (On ensuring the acceptability of a new fiat money Selgin 1999) Full list: Bibliography 16 … Continue reading

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Talking about Bitcoin, money as memory, on World Crypto Network

Chris Ellis (@MrChrisEllis) came to Copenhagen last month, and we had a televised webcast chat about all things crypto. We mostly talked about the idea of money as a memory … Continue reading

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What primitive money and ballots have in common [Talk, Danish]

I did another talk for the public speaking event Kort Sagt. They host 10-minute talks on all sorts of topics – social science, psychology, relationships, wrestling in India, personal stories. … Continue reading

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The origin of writing: A bloated accounting system with terrible feature creep

Yesterday, somebody on reddit asked why writing didn’t arise earlier than it did (the Bronze Age), given that humans have been around almost 200 000 years. I had to give … Continue reading

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Bitcoin, Zomia and the Art of Wiliness [Talk, Danish]

I recently did a talk in Danish comparing the social-geographical concept of Zomia to cyberspace — not so much as a separate ecological zone, but rather as a space for … Continue reading

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If you can’t beat ’em, leave ’em: Strategy in different social spaces

So while we can’t be physically present in cyberspace, cyberspaces can still be used as staging grounds for all kinds of social action — commercial, political, romantic — that would otherwise be impossible. In our world, social and informational distance stands in for the literal separation of The Matrix.

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Groundview of the Auroracoin Airdrop [Spring 2014]

I went to Reykjavik for the Auroracoin Airdrop and spent most of the week meeting Icelanders and local expats in and outside its small, but established crypto-coin community. I did … Continue reading

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Funny Money: What the rise and fall of Dogecoin can teach us about fiat currency

Does money need any formal backing — shiny metal or men with guns — or can they exist because of pure convention and convenience? Theoretically, once it’s in circulation, it … Continue reading

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Inequality in Crypto: The distribution of Auroracoin is already shifting

Auroracoin has been live up here for something like 50 hours, and things are already in a flux. Some people are giving their allotments away to family members, others are … Continue reading

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AuroraCoin Quick Poll: Results

Auroracoin turned up pretty much out of the blue this winter. Yet another altcoin, and this one with an anonymous founder said to be based in Panama City, but this … Continue reading

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